Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

Since the conventional banking scene is changing, Cintana’s varied services for BFSI sector will provide more cost & competitive benefits. Some services of Cintana including Blockchain, Robotic process automation, Intelligent Process Automation, Enterprise Mobility solutions and much more will thus help the BFSI sector to streamline the various business process, maximize efficiency & transform their digitization.

The imperative trends in the technology houses are catching up fast with the BFSI domains. Be it blockchain, be it the robotic process automation, be it the Intelligent process automation, the industry is trending towards the market’s latest.

Robotic Process Automation

Some of the challenges we have faced using RPA in the domain:

1. Ownership of the bot accounts – Bots need account and application level privileges like a human. The ownership of these accounts becomes important as unlike humans there is no HR onboarding process for Bots.

2. The expectation around OCR – The OCR technologies are not perfected, and the best of the tools can only give approx. 70% accuracy when it comes to handwritten documents. There are some AI based services available who provide better accuracy but are expensive and not 100% accurate still.

3. Non-availability of process documents – Mostly business do not have documented processes and processes are in some person’s “head”. Even when the documents exist, they may not be the current. For bot development, it is a necessity to have an L4 process map else it leads to gaps in the processes executed by bots.

4. Getting past the organization’s IT security policies – Mostly, the IT policies are geared towards humans, and security teams take time to allow bots to operate in the environment.

5. Getting IT team onboard along with business teams is essential as the deployment is controlled by the IT team and we need their support during the development and testing phase as well.

Enterprise Solutions

Identifying the right team and a transformation leader internally is a complex puzzle for large business houses. At Cintana, we help ease this using our established processes in the various offerings we provide for Enterprise Solutions.

Enterprise Mobility, Custom developed Enterprise Web Applications, Enterprise Integration are few of the solutions offered by Cintana for the Enterprises. Starting from the architecture, development, integration, testing and launch, the solutions offered by Cintana are highly technology driven and comes without any compromise in quality. Life Cycle Management is efficiently handled by the solutions offered by us. Usage patterns play a major role in Cintana’s Enterprise Solutions for Analytics.

Cintana’s Enterprise Integration enables real-time data synchronization and positions Cintana as the right service provider at this space. We understand that integrating applications to back end is a vital and crucial task. This helps organizations to derive meaningful results from their IT application systems.

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Case Studies

Experience some of our case studies to understand how we take challenges and solve problems:

Visa process automation

Time Consuming process - Data Entry to each visa application took on an average 30 minutes

Automate mortgage processing activity

Time Consuming process - Data Entry for each application took on an average 120 minutes

Account opening validation process

Time Consuming process - Manual verification of prospective customer took on an average 10 minutes

What’s your business problem? Let us know..