Cintana’s services help retail businesses to catch up with the latest retail technology trends with our tailored services that include Omni-Channel Commerce, Supply Chain Management, Retail Application Services, and Consulting. Cintana helps retail businesses to stretch their boundaries through our seamless services.

Retail industries have started to understand the technology need in their brick and mortar business model to meet the highly demanding customer expectations. Cintana’s Retail solution understands these rising control of e-commerce platforms on the global markets that have given a fierce competition to retail businesses. Now that the retail industries have started to reconsider their business and IT strategy, Cintana turns out to be their partner in their IT journey.

To enhance the customer experience retailers could use technology in its favour, some of the emerging technologies such as mobile, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality help retail industries increase the customer satisfaction and lifetime value. These are few areas where Cintana’s support would enhance the value to the customer.

Cintana’s major key areas for retails are into its operations for supply chain, warehouse, and distributed operations and finances. Our solution provides analytics and actionable insights which help retail industries for better manage their operation and forecast and control financial expenses.

Some of the solutions offered by us are:

Omni-channel commerce:

Cintana's solutions to Omni-channel retailing is a fully integrated approach to commerce that provides its shoppers a unified experience across multiple touch points such as offline and online channels while factoring into the various devices that are being used to interact with your business.

Cintana's solution understands that the Omni-channel shopping extends from brick-and-mortar locations to mobile-browsing, e-commerce marketplaces, onsite storefronts, social media, retargeting, etc.

Supply chain management:

Retail supply chain management solution is created to handle the supply chain of retail organizations where the volume and speed of product movement are considerably higher. Cintana's solution helps the retail organization manage their team efficiency and productivity by efficiently managing the whole operational cycle.

Consulting Services:

Cintana’s retail consulting services work on a case to case basis and provides technology solutions by using its well-designed technology consulting framework. Our solution has solved many business challenges like efficient inventory management, competition with the mass market, emerging spending trends and much more that requires more complex evaluation and customized technology solution.

Retail Application Services:

Cintana’s Retail Application Services are different from the bundled solutions and ensure that the package will reflect business’s unique capabilities; whether it’s to support point of sale (POS), merchandising or warehouse in a cost-effective and value-driven approach.

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Case Studies

Experience some of our case studies to understand how we take challenges and solve problems:

Visa process automation

Time Consuming process - Data Entry to each visa application took on an average 30 minutes

Automate mortgage processing activity

Time Consuming process - Data Entry for each application took on an average 120 minutes

Account opening validation process

Time Consuming process - Manual verification of prospective customer took on an average 10 minutes

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