Robotic Process Automation – An Introduction

Busisness Planning

RPA Uses a Software Robot to run software in exactly the same way a human would use it.

Busisness Planning

Organization's investment in the existing software infrastructure is left untouched.

Busisness Planning

Specialized software agents automate repetitive tasks performed by a human.

Busisness Planning

Humans are then needed only for

  • Judgemental calls
  • Exception handling
  • Supervisory functions

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Robotic Process Automation – Business Benefits


  • Improved Accuracy compared to human operations


  • Bots follow programmed rules completely
  • Audit trails for the compliance management


  • The existing IT systems are not touched and no disruptions to the operations

Consistency and Reliability

  • Tasks are performed exactly the same way each time
  • 24x7 operations without any disruptions

Improved Productivity

  • The productivity is improved with faster turn-around time for the processes

Customer Satisfaction

  • Improved customer satisfaction resulting from all of the above

Approach & Methodology



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Robotic Process Automation – Process Suitability

Highly Manual and repetitive Process

  • High transaction volume
  • High frequency – Daily/weekly

Rule Based Process

  • Template driven activities with clear process instructions
  • Decision making based on standard rules

Low Exception Rate

  • Activities with low exceptions in handling scenarios

High Volumes

  • High Transaction Volumes

Mature and Stable process

  • Well documented, stable, predictable

Standard readable electronic input

  • Triggered by standard and consistent inputs
  • Inputs should be in readable input type like excel, word, readable pdf, etc

Cintana's Capabilities

  • Industry specific focus – BFSI, Retail and Manufacturing
  • Technology specific focus – RPA, AI and Block chain
  • Consultants with industry leading experience
  • 30+ team certified in RPA technologies
  • 3 certified Business Analysts and 4 Solution Architects

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RPA Technology Expertise

Case Studies

Experience some of our case studies to understand how we take challenges and solve problems:

Visa process automation

Time Consuming process - Data Entry to each visa application took on an average 30 minutes

Automate mortgage processing activity

Time Consuming process - Data Entry for each application took on an average 120 minutes

Account opening validation process

Time Consuming process - Manual verification of prospective customer took on an average 10 minutes

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