Business Transformation Approach

Our business transformation projects go through a stringent analysis before we commit on the transformation goals. We conduct a detailed business study and an in-depth business understanding. We examine the clear analysis of stakeholder needs and analyze the current business systems architecture that includes the system readiness of the organization, transformational readiness of the organization and the proposed requirements of the stakeholders in line with the implementation roadmap.

This study enhances the team to propose a new architecture (if required) that will result in developing and maintaining world-class applications as a solution that is in-line with the evolving business requirements. Once the applications are developed to the proposed architecture, the outcomes will lead to enhanced decision making at all stages of business in the management level and various other levels of the organization needs.

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Enterprise Information Management

Enterprise Information Management has become a key imperative to most of the organizations.

Cintana EIM offers a dynamic combination of strategies, methods, and tools to capture, manage, store and deliver information in a secured methodology throughout the lifecycle.

We bring in strong experience in Information Management Systems and Enterprise Content Management System with premium partnerships with EIM OEM’s.

We believe that “Just Managing” the content is not sufficient and effective. Our client should be able to access the correct version of records to achieve their business goals.

Our Services includes:

  • EIM Consulting
    • Site Usability
    • Cloud
    • Web Experience
    • Wcm Health Check
    • Web Analytics And Intelligence
  • CMS Assessment
    • Requirement Gathering
    • Priority And Weigh
    • Product Assessment And Score Board
    • Evaluate External Variables
  • Content Migration
    • End-To-End Support For Content Migration

Case Studies

Experience some of our case studies to understand how we take challenges and solve problems:

Visa process automation

Time Consuming process - Data Entry to each visa application took on an average 30 minutes

Automate mortgage processing activity

Time Consuming process - Data Entry for each application took on an average 120 minutes

Account opening validation process

Time Consuming process - Manual verification of prospective customer took on an average 10 minutes

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