My passion is “Professional – “Entrepreneur – Finance Consultant ” & Personal – “Shopping, travel”.

Knowledge is my power and I learn the rules of every game to play better than anyone else.

I like to code that’s why my work is my first passion

Technology is my passion and I like to learn the trends that technology is taking in order to work more efficiently.

Interested in cooking and will try new recipes. Want to be a CEO of a company .

I am passionate about my profession

Passionate about new technologies, new ideas and new ways of thinking

Learning New Technology is my passion. I love seeing the big picture mapped out for technology needs.

I’m more passionate about programming and solving problems. I like to cook, make crafts and travel.

“I am passionate about Football, Movies and Traveling”

“Training my Mind with positive Thoughts, Thoughts Become Things”

“The harder you work, the luckier you get”
“Yes am a RECRUITER”

If you control the code you can control the world

Professional Software Developer Passionate to Code, love play chess

To start, run and grow my business venture.
Above all, like to start, run and see out.

Leaning has been and always will be my one true passion professionally

Business Enthusiastic, true believer of innovation and knowledge. Passionate to be a powerful leader.

To deal with mocktail human personalities – All said & done, “ I’m a social Worker!”

I learn more from failure than from success

I love my profession.

Passionate to be an empathetic HR with good people management skills

Trying out new ideas or writing a patch or a bug report to some open source application is my passion.

I am passionate about experiencing new things.

Digital Marketing in veins

I’m interested in learning upcoming technologies, hang out with friends and reading books.

Want to become a famous female entrepreneur in India.

Passionate about learning new things in life












Live your life and be happy