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Cintana’s services help the manufacturing industry to transform the way they function. This, therefore, supports the industry in lowering production costs, efficient management of assets, field sales force, field service, CRM & quicker turnarounds through automation & other processes.

Manufacturing enterprises are being driven by various factors of digitalization due to constant disruption in the technology segments. With its accelerating pace, it is becoming prominent to develop advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Cintana has expertise in process and discrete manufacturing technology solutions.

Process manufacturing is widely deployed into steel and chemical industries. Our technology solutions, help enterprises to optimize operating costs and reduce carbon footprints. We offer a range of services in batch and recipe optimization, plant performance management, integrated sampling, etc.

As we understand that the process manufacturing industries are looking to invest in industrial Internet of things (IIoT), smart manufacturing, predictive analytics, business analytics while complying to stringent environmental regulations, we offer competitive solutions for them.

Discreet manufacturing is driven by agility and innovation optimization, and Cintana’s software solutions are designed to cater to companies with complex business processes that require flexibility in managing order processing. Our expertise helps organizations achieve consistent and transparent management of operations while improving responsiveness to customers’ wants.


Some of the offerings include:

Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is a natural evolution using the technologies to utilize for insights and intelligence to existing system or services to manufacturing/supply chain systems. Many companies try to incorporate technology into their process without even realizing the actual cause of the problem. Cintana’s consulting service with I4.0 is to link the real problem with a start small and scale fast approach.

Chatbots are a significant advancement in technology to automate the processes and reducing the repetitive task, and this increases productivity, reduces man-hours and increase customer experience. Cintana's Chatbots are used in the manufacturing industry for conversational commerce, perform HR related tasks, helps maintenance crew verify environmental or workplace conditions, and also in some cases help manufacturers to recall their products.

Cintana's solutions to SCM work better in sync with predefined processes. In manufacturing industries, it is imperative to efficiently manage the supply chain processes to eliminate the waste of business processes. Cintana clearly understands that the supply chain management synchronize demands with business units as a whole by using resource capacity. Our solution takes care of lean management which considers three significant elements of supply chain management viz., demand, materials, and resource capacity.

Enterprise asset management in manufacturing industry works with tracking, deployment, and acquisition of corporate resources where every asset, raw material, and man-hours have to be calculated with precision to ensure the work is being done efficiently. Cintana’s products and services work towards monitoring work flows, tracking maintenance needs and improving supply coordination through cloud platforms.

It is very vital for manufacturing industries to use the sales force management product in sync with its processes and organizational structure. Cintana's solution to the sales force management has its major part in the actionable insights from analytics with credible reports and dashboards which helps accurate and fast forecasting decisions. Cintana’s solutions move beyond the product with personalized/segmented services at a scale.

Cintana understands that for manufacturing organization more complex business challenge is to manage a team of service technicians efficiently. Cintana's solution uses various variables that are used to monitor and control human labor and reduces the time taken to analyze these values by the organizations. Cintana's Field Service Management (FSM) automates the field operations through mobile and cloud-based systems.

Standalone CRM systems are built by Cintana to cater the needs of manufacturing companies that have had thriving businesses for decades, without the help of CRM system. However, with the increasing shift towards technology automation and competition to grow better and faster; customers have acquired high expectations, and it is industries' responsibility to deliver those expectations. At the enterprise level, both Oracle and SAP now offer robust CRM platforms that are at a level that smaller ERP vendors cannot afford to build or buy. Cintana’s team have expertise in its implementation across multiple companies.

Cintana's System integration solution is used in manufacturing industries to improve inventory management, enabling effective supply chain, avoiding rush orders and enhancing customer service. Most of the projects that require Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize the manufacturing process are addressed. Cintana's solutions take care of the systems that are a part of subsystem integration acquired from many different vendors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).


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