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Cintana’s e-commerce solutions help businesses with multiple technologies to help them offer a unified, connected & seamless experience to its customers. Our services that include Mobile app development, M-Commerce, Integration services, E-Commerce analytics and much more will enable e-commerce businesses to adapt to the latest e-commerce technology trends.

Cintana clearly sees that the rising shifts in the way people sell or buy products have entirely transformed by the advancements in electronic commerce (e-Commerce). Now, anyone could buy products with just three clicks, get a recommendation based on their interest and need, compare brands and their pricing, compare vendor pricing, save their cart, create Wishlist, etc.,

Cintana’s solution comprehends the e-commerce platforms as they are not just the platforms to purchase, but they are vital to get connected with the customer thus offering customer delights as a part of the whole experience.

Cintana focuses on the UI/UX, design thinking, website traffic, as more straightforward checkout is becoming the priority of the industries running the business through online sales along with opening the cashless faster checkout retail stores. Cintana’s e-commerce solution takes care of the Inventory management, with real-time dashboards and actionable reports, as they play an essential role in providing the customer delight.

Cintana’s e-commerce solutions are based on the particular business and industry type and with multiple technologies and process integration thus providing a seamless experience for its customers.

Cintana’s solution to Omni-channel retailing is a fully integrated approach that provides the shoppers a unified experience across multiple touch points such as offline and online channels while factoring into the various devices that are being used to interact with the customer’s business.

Cintana’s retail supply chain management solution is created to handle the supply chain of retail organizations where the volume and speed of product movement is considerably higher. This solution from Cintana helps the retail organization manage their team efficiency and productivity by efficiently managing the whole operational cycle.

Cintana’s retail consulting services work on a case to case basis and provides technology solutions by using its well-designed technology consulting framework. There are many business challenges like efficient inventory management, competition with the mass market, emerging spending trends need more complex evaluation and customized technology solution.

Cintana offers competitive web and mobile app development services for e-commerce players as a part of the package to provide a seamless experience. Rising demand for multichannel selling and a faster and effective model is necessary to reach customers better. Also, Hybrid apps, like native apps, run on the mobile device and are written with web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and typically underpinned by a hybrid app framework. Our service delivery model and techniques help in the successful delivery of the project.

Analytics plays a vital role in multiple ways such as targeting your customers, getting insights, managing your ad campaigns, identifying your target market segments, looking for higher conversions and managing your funnel. Cintana’s approach to e-commerce analytics work in three stages mainly, pre-launch, launch stage and growth stage and comes with dashboards and report automation.

UI/UX of any e-commerce platform helps in bringing more traffic, and the way it is designed with the process flow helps to generate more revenue. Front end modernization is the necessity of 80% e-commerce companies which leads to many complexities around the cost, time to market and migration of existing customers and listings. Cintana helps migration of existing application/components to new technologies with ease.

Aggregation platforms are the way how information is gathered and expressed in a summary form for the purpose such as statistical analysis. However, its application in e-commerce is to use the technology that works better with the method and application preferred by the consumer. Cintana offers multiple technology support with our diverse team of professionals and software developers.

Cintana emphasizes to its customers that it is imperative to promote the mobile e-commerce apps such as iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows phone apps through the respective stores such as App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android, Windows Store for Windows Phone to get higher visibility and priority. This is an important marketing effort, which, with the help of technology helps in increasing the reach through new discovery methods such as general browsing, top-rated browsing, social networking website, etc.

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