MEAN Stack Applications

Ease of switching between client and server

MEAN Stack Applications development is fast and simple as it permits the developers to write code in only one language i.e JavaScript for both the client side as well as the server side. With Node.js, a developer can deploy the applications on the server directly without the need of deploying it to a stand-alone server.


Possibility of Isomorphic Coding

The process of transferring code from one framework to another framework is made easier with the help of MEAN. This makes MEAN a niche technology using which we develop all of our applications.


High Degree of Flexibility

BY using MEAN, the app can be tested on a cloud platform once the development process is complete. It facilitates ease of development, testing and deployment in the cloud.

New information can be easily added by adding a new field to the form. The full cluster support and auto replication is supported by MongoDB.


Usage of JSON

Both NodeJS and AngularJS use JSON(JavaScript Object Notation). And MongoDB is a component based relational database that offers users to save documents in JSON format.


Cost Effective

Use of MEAN stack for app development requires developers to be well versed and proficient in JavaScript.We have a team of professionals who excel in Javascript and can create products and services following the client requirements to the tee. As less number of developers are required to develop MEAN stack applications, the amount to be invested to hire the number of developers will also be less. Thus, MEAN stack is highly cost effective.


Open Source and Cloud Compatible

By using MEAN, we rely on Open Source Software for the development of all our projects making it easy for salability and maintenance once the development cycle of the project is complete. Thus, MongoDB helps reduce the disk space by deploying cloud functionalities within the app.

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