Product Development

Considering the various aspects of the businesses, Cintana specializes in new product development starting from architecture consulting to product launch. Cintana transforms the market opportunity into a brand new product that is available for sale with conceptualization, design, development and marketing. Cintana understands the customer needs, is aware of the competitive environment and builds products that are suitable for the nature of the market.
Cintana’s products manage to nurture, sustain and intensify the company’s market share by satisfying the consumer demands.

Few of the services offered by Cintana are:

    • • Architecture Consulting
      • Product Roadmap
      • Professional Services
      • Prototyping
      • Product Development
      • L1/L2/L3 Support
      • Independent Testing


Our competencies are not limited to:

    • Iteration Planning
    • Configuration Management
    • Tools
    • Quality Assurance
    • Licensing

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Shrinking product lifecycles and rapidly changing market dynamics have made it critical for industries to reduce time to market with new products that are developed.Cintana’sSolution accelerators give the essential speed and customization without compromising on the quality. Our solution accelerators are tested in live environments and are usually better and more reliable than components that are built from scratch. Our ready-to-use business application components helps in developing custom software solutions more quickly. They are the building blocks of the product and address common business challenges efficiently.

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Cintana specializes in reprocessing the design knowledge and development artifacts in a seamless development process with its comprehensive reuse process framework. Our framework is integral in making the product development process lean and in removing process waste. These significantly improve the product development process efficiency, reduces development and manufacturing costs, reduces development time, reduces complexity, enables better learning across projects, and improves the ability to update products.

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Cintana follows a set of best practices and guiding principles for product development and innovation. Our team excels in building strategy, determining process, balancing the portfolio, and enhancing capabilities. We make product development strategies in a purposeful method that nurture business growth. Our processes are dynamic, iterative, open, inclusive and customer oriented. We balance the portfolio of new products that emerge eventually. We keep building our capabilities for customer insights, and for idea generations.

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Product development templates are built by Cintana to set strategy, to examine and to communicate our thoughts and new product plans clearly and comprehensively to our customers. We believe that having all things in place and lining up explanations for the most significant decisions made are the key components of reaching a successful conclusion and in-turn a great product. Guidelines are set in Cintana’s product development zone to ensure that the expectation of our customers are met without any compromise.

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